If you’re wondering how to configure your Apache server so that it’s able to serve pages that have been” Forbidden” instead of responding with a 401 response code, then this is one of the many Secrets of Apache. It’s not the only web hosting control panel (although it’s one of the more popular), but it does have one of the most flexible modules out there, which makes it very easy to make changes and customise it to your needs. So, if you want to configure your Apache to do something different… well it’s as simple as clicking “modify” and entering a different command line or configuration file. That’s right, no need to know any coding at all!

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When the “apache” page comes up in your web browser, it will display a message saying “Incorrect Method Apache” followed by a code page so that you can see what’s actually going on. You’ll know what’s been wrong because the status code won’t change when you visit this page and Apache won’t respond to your query/request anymore. It’s important to understand why Apache won’t respond when you try to make changes – the Apache Status module tells you exactly what’s happened with each request. You can check the Apache logs for each failed request to see exactly what code was used to make that particular response. If you find this out, then you can easily make your changes so that your Apache web server responds correctly!

Another useful tip is to make sure you always have the latest version of Apache installed. If you’re unable to visit your website, then the Apache error message could be due to a missing installation of Apache! Simply use the “modify” command line and put in your IP address and port number – if the webpage still doesn’t show up, then this means that Apache isn’t installed on your system and you need to contact an internet service provider for more help.

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